Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How does generate leads?
Our leads are generated via the following methods:
Network of thousands of lead producing websites
Company consumer promotions
Company solo emails
Advertising on a network of company and 3rd party web sites
Radio advertising
About 250 newspapers across North America

2.) How does deliver leads?
Leads are delivered as email attachments in Microsoft Excel, Comma Delimited (CSV) or Tab Delimited (text) format. In event your email service does not allow you to receive large files, will upload the data file to a secure server and email you simple download instructions.

3.) Which type of leads do you recommend?
We recommend Real-Time Leads, and Phone Verified Leads for calling and recruiting prospects as they are our highest quality leads. Our lower priced leads, such as Surveyed Leads, should only be used by experienced marketers looking for a cheap lead. Double Opt-in Leads and Email Leads are recommended for autorepsonder/bulk email campaigns.

5.) How fast are orders processed? usually processes orders within hours of ordering. Orders during weekends will be processed on Monday.

6.) How many times are your leads sold?
Our leads are sold up to a maximum of two times, whether real time, aged, or email leads. We never sell the same leads to anyone within the same opportunity. We do not believe in selling a lead more than twice.

7.) What is your replacement policy?
We will replace inaccurate phone numbers and disconnected phone numbers. These leads must be returned to within 5 business days of receiving the leads. typically provides 10% - 20% extra leads with each order. In the rare event that you receive bad leads in excess of the extra leads provided, then you may simply return us the bad leads and we will gladly supply you with additional replacement leads.

8.) Do you offer refunds?
Due to the time sensitivity of the leads we do not offer refunds. All sales are final.

9.) Is it safe to order online?
Yes. has the most secure online order processing systems available. All your personal information that includes your billing information is submitted via a secure server. All of this information is encrypted so that anyone trying to intercept your information would not be able to decipher it.

10.) What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, and Mastercard.

11.) Do you have monthly autoship?
We do not have auto renewal of orders. All orders are one-time only purchases.

12.) Do you offer free samples of leads?
We do not offer free samples. A small sample will not give you an accurate representation of the overall quality of our leads.

13.) Can I pause or regulate lead delivery?
Only real time lead orders have the option to pause. Each order includes a Back Office which allows a customer to: View their leads, Download their leads as a .csv file, Update Leads Sent Per Day, and Pause lead delivery. All other lead types are delivered as available, or all at once via email.

14.) Are your leads incentivized?

Do you have more questions?
Please email with any questions. You will recieve an answer usually within hours.