High Investment Leads

Think BIG, Earn BIG with quality high investment leads that are ready to invest a sizable chunk of their savings!

High Investment leads lead to higher returns because they have committed to invest a guaranteed minimum capital in the home-based business opportunity that impresses them the most. Our premium high investment leads have responded to home-based business opportunity ads and are ready to spend between $1,000-$6,000 and more, if the idea excites them.

We have put a system in place that automatically delivers high investment leads to your inbox in real time, i.e., as soon as they submit the form, the details of the leads are delivered to you via email.

Our Real Time High Investment leads have a more favourable and open attitude towards your offerings if your sales pitch matches their wavelength. The first step towards successfully transforming a lead into a client is taken by us by delivering real time high investment leads; the rest is up to you!

Our Real Time High Investment Leads comprise of:

  • Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, Gender, Time Zone, Date/Time Stamp, IP Address
  • Number of hours they are willing to invest in the business
  • Minimum investment, i.e., $1000, and maximum investment of $6,000 (and more)
  • Best time to call them
  • Reason(s) for seeking home-based business
  • Their overall interest level in starting and continuing with the business

  • Our Real Time High Investment Leads come packaged with:

  • Minimum guaranteed investment amount promised by the leads/li>
  • Higher returns if you can convince the leads regarding your offer/li>
  • Instant results if you follow the leads in a planned and strategic manner/li>
  • Full Back Office that makes managing and controlling the leads a lot easier/li>
  • 24/7 Customer Support in case you need any help