MLM Email Leads

Contact the prospects effectively and directly via email, along with all the details and offers of your home-based business model!

Opt-in Email Leads give you a distinctive edge over the general leads since the prospects will view your email to them about your home-based business model and have shown interest in learning more about it by filling in the opt-in form.

Our Email Leads are fresh and obviously, responsive. Best suited for auto-dialer, autoresponder and bulk email marketing campaigns, these Email Leads are a result of positive responses to one or more of our home-based business opportunity ads.

Our Email Leads are highly affordable; yet deliver results that can be compared with the best in the industry.

Our MLM Email Leads comprise of:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Gender
  • Date Stamp
  • IP Address

  • Our Email Leads provide you with:

  • High quality leads that have opted-in to receive further information from you or your organization.
  • Importable autoresponder leads and Autodialers.
  • High degree of success ratio if you follow the leads in a planned and strategic manner.
  • Quantity Age of Leads Cost Each Purchase
    5,000 Leads Less than 3 Days Old 0.02
    10,000 Leads 4-7 Days Old 0.01
    10,000 Leads 8-15 Days Old 0.005
    10,000 Leads 16-30 Days Old 0.004