Phone Interviewed Leads

Get the advantage of our phone interviewed leads to target only those prospects that are genuinely interested in hearing you out!

Chasing leads in this endless world of Internet marketing could drive you mad. Therefore, it makes sense to approach only those leads that are pre-verified and pre-screened in accordance with certain parameters.

We have done the spadework for you and our phone interviewed leads would save you the pain of constant rejection. Through our dedicated live call centre, we call the leads in order to verify their contact information and assess their seriousness of starting and maintaining a home-based business opportunity.

On an average, each calls lasts 5 minutes and after the calling process is over, we sift out the non-serious leads from genuine ones. You are delivered only fresh and responsive leads that are eager to talk to you.

Our Phone Interviewed Leads comprise of:

  • Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, Gender, Date Stamp, IP Address
  • Number of hours they are willing to invest in the business
  • Amount of capital they are prepared to invest into the business
  • Best time to call them

  • Our Phone Interviewed Leads guarantee:

  • Screening of the leads before they are delivered
  • Time saving by delivering only verified leads
  • Almost real time delivery as soon as the leads are verified
  • Instant results if you follow the leads in a planned and strategic manner
  • 100% Bad Leads Replacement Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support in case you need any help
  • Not Accepting Orders At This Time For Phone Interviewed Leads

    Quantity Cost Each Purchase
    25 Leads 2.00
    50 Leads 1.75
    100 Leads 1.50