Redirected Leads

Make an instant impression on the prospect with exclusive redirected leads to your website!

Redirected leads give you a distinct advantage over other forms of company-specific leads. After they fill in our home-based business-opportunity forms, the leads are instantly redirected to your website, which simulates a real-time prospect generator.

The prospects now have a chance to get familiar with your offerings. You can even call the prospect, while he or she is still browsing your website. Imagine the impact such a call will have on the minds of redirected lead!

Our redirected leads represent the bulk of top-quality leads generated on the Internet. In fact, we offer a 100% free replacement for every bad lead you get!

Our Real Time Redirected Leads comprise of:

  • Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, Gender, Time Zone, Date/Time Stamp
  • Number of hours they are willing to invest in the business
  • Best time to call them
  • Their desired monthly income
  • Reason(s) for seeking home-based business
  • Their overall interest level in starting and continuing with the business

  • Our Real Time Redirected Leads ensure:

  • Fully automated redirects to a website of your choice.
  • Exclusive leads that eliminate any chance of competition with similar businesses
  • Instant results if you follow the leads in a planned and strategic manner
  • Full Back Office that makes managing and controlling the leads a lot easier
  • 24/7 Customer Support in case you need any help
  • Quantity Cost Each Purchase
    10 Leads 5.00
    25 Leads 4.75
    100 Leads 4.50

    Short Form Redirected Leads

    Our Short Form Redirect Leads are the same Quality as our Long Form Redirect leads except these leads only supply contact information. This allows us to offer them at a special discounted price!

  • Name, Telephone Number, Email Address, Gender, Date/Time Stamp
  • Quantity Cost Each Purchase
    20 Leads 3.50
    50 Leads 3.25
    100 Leads 3.00